Mujeres Latinas Network

Mujeres Latinas Network – Spanish Speaking

Monthly Networking Workshops with a professional licensed Mentor/Neurocoach

Mujeres Latinas Network

Mujeres Latinas Network is a community program that was born in the COVID 19 pandemic, from Fuerza Latina, as a comprehensive support network for Latina women, as well as to establish business relationships, form strategic alliances between professionals from various industries, and to treat various topics of interest in daily life.

Our Mission

Our mission, is to provide a space for Latin American women to exchange ideas, share experiences, advice to create a support network that helps our emotional well-being and personal development. Monthly meetings that allows us to influence the empowerment and socio-economic cultural inclusion of Latina women in Canadian society.


Our vision is to be recognized as an international support and personal development program for Latin American women connected with various issues.

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