I’m general, it can be hard to get a true perspective as to what high school is like.We have watch movies or TV shows that can help us with that, but it’s not really the truth. Going into high school can be a very challenging social experience that maybe we’re not truly prepared for, but in this blog, I will try to make things a whole lot easier


Usually you think yourself “I can’t wait for high school and all the different things that my friends can do” but I think they don’t tell you is that maybe those friends can change; after all, different people have different reactions when placed in a new larger and more compact environment.

Maybe your friends want to explore that new environment filled with many different people, while you wouldn’t consider yourself extroverted or confident enough to do so.

This is an example of a situation where you end up feeling left out when that is clearly not the case.

Instead of telling yourself this, you should be that person who goes out and tries to talk to the new people that surround you. 

A good place to practice communication is by joining school clubs. This gives you a similar interest to talk about.


The truth is, teachers are there to give you support and make sure that you understand, though there are many stigmas against this.

Make sure to ask questions when necessary or you could be left behind

If it’s workload that really stresses you out,  a good tip I learned is to keep all of my materials organized and to keep an agenda to make sure that no assignments go “missing”


Other topic is about the tests that you have to do. Sometimes, you do have to join that after school math club to help with your homework so that you’re sure of yourself and confident enough to the point where tests will no longer scare you. This can also help you when doing your final exam since all of the lessons will seem like a piece of cake. 

And at the end of the day many people may find high school to be this very stressful and nerve-wracking environment. but in reality, your experience in your hands.

You have the ability to take advantage of the resources provided for your whether it be school clubs or after school homework help. All of these factors can help you experience-to some extent-that dream high school life we aspire to have.

My final piece of advice I would like to give about high school is to remember to have fun while in clubs, talk to people, and never let negative thoughts or insecurities stop you from living out your high school experience. Like my favourite quotes says, “never be afraid to try something you because life gets boring when you stay within the limits you put yourself in.”

Valeria V.