“Every time I make a mistake, I discover a truth I haven’t yet known.” 

– Maurice Maeterlinck 


On this occasion, allow me to bring awareness of the topic that most people overlook or don’t want to remember: “If we do not learn from our mistakes, they are destined to be repeated.” We cannot change the mistakes we made in the past, but we can transform them into sources of wisdom and minimize them in the future. But what is a mistake? It is an opinion or action made by someone who sees it as true when it is wrong.

Let’s think about how we have lived our lives so far, the mistakes that we made and the experience we take from them because those mistakes serve us to do better, to teach us how to do things well. In the end, mistakes are lessons that lead us to success, so we must recognize, accept and overcome them. 

Often most people ignore them, hide from them, forget them, avoid talking  about them and always look for someone to blame. And this is when fear appears. It stops us, paralyzes us.  The reality is no one is exempt from making mistakes; on top of that, they usually occur at the worst time. We must think that we are going to learn from them because we can find a solution in the mistakes themselves. It gives us an opportunity to improve as persons and learn more about ourselves.  We also know better if in the future these happen again. The fact that someone is wrong does not mean that the person does not have a good soul, let’s not see it as turn downs but as opportunities. 

I can almost assure you that I have made many more mistakes than you.  I do not think that I did it because I was not very clever. There are other factors that has to be taken into account, the important thing is not to look back even if you have lost a lot, just take what you learned from it. You are not perfect. What a relief! I think that making a mistake is the best thing that could have happened to me because today, “I AM BRAVER.”


And what is experience? As Oscar Wilde said, “Experience is merely the name men gave to their mistakes.” But this is not always the case; there are people who do not become wise through experiences because their mistakes become frustrations, they do not see the positive in them, and they become victims, they remain stuck in their bad luck and do not make any effort to process and move on, a lot is learned from the experiences of others, and they make the path easier to navigate, we must learn as much as possible the lesson mistakes give you, remember that at the end, “everything happens for a reason” and then you will end up feeling better. 




We must learn to choose our battles well, which ones we should fight, and which ones to ignore, and do not waste energy in vain. life did not prepare us for an ideal path. If nobody makes mistakes, nobody has experience because the best lessons are not learned in school but from life experiences. 

And what lesson does it leave you at the end? Let’s take mistakes as lessons and not failures; learn from what happened, and use it to grow; it is not good if you make the same mistake over and over again because this means that you are not learning, do not give up anything, and finally change the way you think, evolve, be aware of what you do, pay  attention because you will do better next time.

Try to practice the stages of change: crisis, denial, anger, depression, acceptance, and learning. I think that the last step is crucial because it awakens the consciousness to check and close the repetitive cycles of mistakes and experiences and remember that if it were not for mistakes that were made, the world would not have known the existence of penicillin. Sharing these teachings with others is invaluable.

Translation Spanish-English: Tatsbita Sadikin