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Congratulations ADELANTE on your 1st Anniversary!!!

Fuerza Latina is celebrating ADELANTE con Gina Balseca, an educational and motivational program focused on our YOUTH

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Our First Anniversary Celebration


WHEN ALL THIS IS OVER!...WHEN ALL THIS PASSES!...WHEN WE RETURN TO NORMALITY!... NOTHING WILL BE LIKE BEFORE?.... These are some of the recurring expressions that we have all made during the quarantine or mandatory self-isolation.  In this blog I will talk about my...

I have the right to be happy

People generally use this argument when they see their objectives be challenged and they’re right, to a certain extent we all have the right to be happy, but not one has the right to be happy at the expense of others. If in order to be happy I’ll make another person...

Are We Still Speaking Spanish at Home?

Kelly Arevalo  Toronto, Canada. For many newcomer families in Canada, a fairly common concern is knowing whether their young children benefit from speaking another language at home, or whether it leads them to struggle in their learning of English or French. I have...

Mónica Rodriguez Notes

PARENTS AND CHILDREN  (PADRES E HIJOS) "Children have a strange power over parents, we suffer more from their pain than our pain and we are happy when they are happy". (Excerpt from the movie "Unauthorized Living") Having children is an adventure that throughout life...


“Every time I make a mistake, I discover a truth I haven’t yet known.”  – Maurice Maeterlinck    On this occasion, allow me to bring awareness of the topic that most people overlook or don’t want to remember: “If we do not learn from our mistakes, they are...


A lovely gift; friendship! By Kelly Arévalo The cold Canadian winter warms up every February with the celebration of Valentine's Day; also known as the month of love and friendship. Despite this, since the COVID-19 pandemic, speaking in terms of economy and...

Welcome Spring

Welcome, Spring!Kelly Arevalo Toronto, Canada  We begin one of the most meaningful and important seasons of the year, spring. During this season, nature delights us with the resurgence of lovely sounds, colours, and shapes; but it also provides us with a new...

My Guide to High School

I’m general, it can be hard to get a true perspective as to what high school is like.We have watch movies or TV shows that can help us with that, but it’s not really the truth. Going into high school can be a very challenging social experience that maybe we’re not...

My Experience at Fuerza Latina

For years, one of the requirements for all Ontario high school students has been to complete 40 hours of community involvement to receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Beginning in my first year of high school last September, it was a priority of mine to...

What Does it Mean to be Gifted?

By: Paloma Santiago Shelton, 14 years old After 5 years in the Gifted program, I still don’t know how to answer this question. The literal definition of giftedness is easy enough: The Ontario Ministry of Education defines giftedness as “an unusually advanced degree of...

“Thank you for having us. It was our pleasure and honour. Your show is so impactful for the entire Hispanic community. The education people receive changes lives for the better.”

Sergeant Nelson.

Gina Balseca

Gina will be hosting Adelante. Gina Balseca-Aguirre is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fuerza Latina Community Services since 2018. Gina has committed her life to this organization; tirelessly given her time and resources as the Founder and President of Fuerza Latina since 2003. She has an Accounting  Diploma,  Honours HR Management Diploma and Microcomputers Certificate. A goal-driven leader with extensive experience in strategy and governance, Gina has focused her efforts in advocating for the Latino community, developing people-centric affordable and free programs for youth and their families and events that maximize a client’s experience.

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