Welcome, Spring!

Kelly Arevalo

Toronto, Canada 

We begin one of the most meaningful and important seasons of the year, spring. During this season, nature delights us with the resurgence of lovely sounds, colours, and shapes; but it also provides us with a new opportunity to reinvent ourselves and fill our tired minds and bodies with positive energy after two long difficult years of dealing with the pandemic.

Spring is a period of transition. It follows Mother Nature’s fundamental laws, and as a part of it, our job is to appreciate and join these periods of growth and change. This includes changing certain behaviours that hinder our development, knowing how to make decisions, and improving our mindset on life, our interpersonal relationships, and our environment. 

Exactly a year ago, in this same column, I shared with you, my friends and readers, some simple advice to implement during springtime. I also talked about the importance of good deeds and making positive changes in our lives to release all of our built-up stress, contributing to our health and overall well-being. But, how easy is it to make and implement these decisions? The truth is that it takes a lot of will power.

Making the Decision to Change 

It is incredible how children who receive clear instructions, good advice, and motivation from their parents at home and their teachers at school can quickly adopt good habits. Some of the key factors involved in this process are repetition and consistency

Likewise, we adults acquire habits and routines throughout our lives that are not so beneficial to our health and well-being. These habits can even make us miss out on personal growth opportunities and hinder us from fully enjoying family and community time. 

Similar to childhood, good habits and healthy routines are formed with consistency, step by step, by setting realistic and measurable goals, celebrating every little accomplishment, and slowly but surely changing our negative habits and routines. This process initiates a crucial step: making the decision to change. 

A few years ago, I received some good advice that I keep very close to my heart, which is to know how to make your own decisions. Do not let other people make important life decisions for you! As spring begins, today is a good time to take initiative. 

A Time of Preparation and Recovery Post-Pandemic

We have been through some complicated times. The uncertainty and risks of Covid-19 will remain for a while, so we have to take the necessary precautions, follow health authorities’ guidelines, and ensure the protection and well-being of our families and communities. 

The national and global economies have also been experiencing high levels of instability, affecting employment opportunities, family economies, and mental health. To survive this, we must prepare ourselves mentally and physically, and strengthen our relationships with family and friends. History has proven that the best way to face adversity, no matter where we are, is to come together, help each other, cooperate, and strengthen our bonds with the community. This spring let’s dedicate some time to review these ideas, as they will help us move forward and find peace in these hectic times. 

Ten Simple Ideas for Spring 

Our minds and bodies need and deserve a deep breath of fresh air and recharge ourselves with optimism. Let’s make the most of this season by renewing our attitudes and mindset, enjoying the morning sunshine, and allowing ourselves to be amazed by the blossoming of Nature that this time of year brings.

I invite you to practice gratitude, appreciate life and friendship, engage in honest conversation, and take on charitable initiatives. 

I want to share some ideas with you about simple actions that help generate inner peace and emotional well-being. These are all things we can do without interfering with work-related obligations or personal projects, and they don’t require spending any money either. All you have to do is make the decision to invest some of your time and attention. 

-Go for a walk and breathe fresh air.

-Have a daily routine of breathing and relaxation exercises.

 -Plant aromatic plants such as mint and basil in your house.

-Make healthy changes to your diet and make sure to consume fresh, non-processed items. 

-Clean and organize a section or room in your house.

-Donate clothes that you no longer wear to free up some space.

-Listen to your favourite music or read about topics and writers you are interested in. 

-Support or participate in events and projects in your community. 

-Allow yourself to take breaks! Give yourself a rest day to relax and enjoy. 

-Be grateful, forgive, and share; it will make you feel good. 

These are just a few ideas. Write your own list of goals you wish to accomplish for spring 2022!

*Kelly Arévalo is a lawyer in El Salvador, with a Master’s in international business law and a Master’s in Big Data. Former Consul General of El Salvador in Toronto. Founder of www.revistaservs.com.

Translation Spanish-English: Ana Baltar